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Here’s a wide ranging list of miniatures released throughout the month of March. There is a lot of varied and interesting stuff to suit all tastes. All links are to the actual product page of the mini or to an image. It’s a long list, so there may well be an error or two – feel free to point them out. Also, if you find anything that interests you or you feel like shouting about, please post about it below. I think the easiest way to make people aware of what is in the list is to tell everyone about the things that grab you.

The list is given alphabetically based on producer. I have also added a flag to indicate the manufacturer’s nationality.

For lists of previous releases, scroll to the end of the post.

Anyway, enjoy…
HOF53 Octopod Infantry
HOF54 Human Rim Mercenaries
HOF55 Post Apocalyptic Warriors


Anglian Miniatures
Abyssinian Ras with Retinue
Italian Ascari Rifles Advancing
Italian Ascari Rifles Firing Loading
Fiat Reveli HMG with crew
Valero 50mm Mortars with crews x 2
Fiat Reveli HMG with crew

Armor Cast
ACCS013 Wrecked Pick up Truck
ACCS014 Jersey Barrier Nine pack
ACCB024 Fuel Depot (2)
ACCB019 “Small” Dwarven Beer Kegs (2)

Artizan Designs
PLP128 – Corporal Godden
PLP127 – Colonel Quinn
AD-A01 – Arthurian Armoured Warband
SWW853 – German PaK40 with Crew (Winter uniforms)
SWW332 – US Airborne 57mm AT Gun and Crew
SWW853 – German PaK40 with Crew (Winter uniforms)
SWW852 – German PaK40 with Crew (Summer uniforms)
SWW333 – US Airborne 75mm Howitzer and Crew
SWW332 – US Airborne 57mm AT Gun and Crew
SWW331 – US Airborne 37mm AT Gun and Crew
SWW330 – US Airborne Gun Crew
SWW323 – US Airborne Characters and Specialists II
SWW322 – US Airborne Characters and Specialists I

Avatars of War
AoW18 Dark Elf Queen

Black Orc Games
Bully Gremlin (sword)
Eskimo or Inuit boy
Wilhelm the Werewolf
Young Yeti or Bigfoot
Rae Sci-Fi Female
Native Girl (Pregnant)

Blood Moon Miniatures
Vampire Seductresses (2 pack) pic 2
Jungle Queen and Sorceress (2 pack) pic 2

Bronze Age Miniatures
Two pirate girls with treasure chest

Cipher Studios
Saint Hazael

Comfy Chair Games
CFC0138 Fists of G.O.D.
CFC0136 Booth
CFC0135 Amy Brighteyes and Billy Burns
CFC0134 Orphans Pack

Crusader Miniatures
RFH035 – ACW Infantry Command in Shirt and Kepi
RFH034 – ACW Infantry in Shirt and Kepi
RFH033 – ACW Infantry Command in Jacket and Kepi
RFH032 – ACW Infantry in Jacket and Kepi
RFH031 – ACW Infantry Command in Frock Coat and Kepi
RFH030 – ACW Infantry in Frock Coat and Kepi

Curteys Miniatures
VVV 25mm Decals
SAM15 Retainers 7, bow
TB06 Cataphract archers

Empress Miniatures
Four British infantry in firing line with bayonets fixed.
Zulu warrior casualties
Four British Officer Types

Eolith Miniatures

Eureka Miniatures
Italian Wars Gendarme, closed visor, charging
Italian Wars Gendarme, open visor, standing
28mm French Grenadiers in Bicornes 1792-1807

Fantasy Flight Games
Archinquistor Nikodemus

Gallic Chariots Collection

Games Workshop
Ork Stompa
Imperial Guard Baneblade
Imperial Guard Shadowsword/Stormlord
Lizardmen Battalion

Armoured personnel carrier (5 pack)
Recon anti-tank vehicle (5 pack
Recon vehicle with 20mm turret (5 pack)
Light PanzerJäger (5 pack)
Recon armoured personnel carrier (5 pack)
81mm mortar carrier (5 pack)
Recon light tank (5 pack)
Anti-tank vehicle (5 pack)
Light PanzerJäger (5 pack)
Jägdpanzer (5 pack)
“Panther III” medium tank (5 pack)
“Tiger III” heavy tank (5 pack)
Close infantry support vehicle (5 pack)
Late War Individual German Infantry (60+ pack)
Late War Individual German Heavy Weapons (50+ pack)

Guild of Harmony
Karick-Dar, Apprentice
Meliarra, Elven Spearmaiden
Zargun, Assassin
Torphaal, Beastman Herd-lord
Tarika, Adventuress

Impact Miniatures
Rolljordan Limited Edition Cindy
Rolljordan Ice Troll

3rd Highlanders Grey Rifles
Slave Drones
Tsyklon Sputniks
Croc Men

Ironclad Miniatures
25-TR9 45 degree trench section
CH07 Ivan Sonofabich, Russian agent in the employ of the Czar.

Khurasan Miniatures
Terran Strike Infantry Squad

Kingmaker Miniatures
15mm Space Demon Assault Warriors (eight models, four pose variants and two head variants)
15mm Space Demon Hammerhead Warriors (eight models, four pose variants and one head variant)
15mm Space Demon Infiltrator Warriors (eight models, four pose variants and two head variants)
15mm Space Demon Queen (one model)
15mm Space Demon King (one model)
LRR Late Republican

Post Apocalyptic Guns
Candles, books, skulls

High Elf Hero mounted
High Elf mounted Standard Bearer
High Elf Infantry Command Group 2
Great Standard of High Elf
High Elf Campion
High Elf War Charriot

Mississinewa Miniatures
Agent: Ardy Jones
Weapons: Rock Star Zombie Hunter conversion kit.
Scale Stick
Weapons: Battle Axes
Weapons: Kopesh, Spear and Shield
Weapons: Bow, Quiver and Pilum
Weapons: Spear, Gladius and Legionary Shield
Weapons: Morning Star, Spiked Mace and Spiked Staff
Weapons: Axe, Hammer and Sword

Moonfleet Miniatures
The Party Animals

Pico Armor
2S9 Nona
SA-8 Gecko (Osa)
F-86A Sabre
Rolls-Royce AC
Studebaker US6

Reaper Miniatures
03394: Rat Swarm (2)
03392: Sir Bruce, Adventuring Hero
03391: Maugramak, Ghast
14526: Necropolis Standard Bearer
14530: Darkspawn Standard Bearer
50061: Professor L.T. Froschmeister, Scientist
50062: Bathalian Exarch
30010: Dragoth the Defiler, Undead Lord on Throne
65017: Sabertooth Tiger
65018: Ansel, Paladin
65019: Charnel Grub
65020: Reaper Death
65021: Nord Kegbreaker, Dwarf Priest
65022: Lily, Dancing Girl
65023: Elisha Lightsedge, Female Elf
65024: Alura, Succubus
65025: Praying Paladin
65026: Jana Blackfire, Female Warrior
65027: Orin Ramhelm, Dwarf Warrior
65028: Blacktongue, Gnoll Ranger
65029: Crymorian Warrior
65030: Gweneth Roanmane, Female Centaur
65031: Liriel Silverlocks, Female Elf Bard
65032: Torie Doman, Dark Elf Assassin
65033: Thomas Hammerfist, Paladin
65034: Kurz, Half Orc Fighter
65035: Callus Darklore, Necromancer
65036: Quint, Fighter
65037: Toxanimer, Wizard
65038: Cullen and Ash, Ranger and Wolf
65039: Altar of Evil
65040: Cave Troll
65041: Tristan the Loremistress
65042: Blue Orchid Assassin

Rebel Minis
15mm Ambush Z: Outbreak Battlebox
15mm Earth Force Marines Infantry
Earth Force Marines Heavy Weapons

Scarab Miniatures
SC002 Downed pilot

Splintered Light Miniatures
Irish Personalities
Irish Command
Irish w/ Bare Chests
Irish w/ Tunics
Irish w/ Cloaks
Irish Superior Warriors
Irish Javelins
Irish Slingers
Irish Light Chariots
Irish Wolfhounds and Handlers
The Faithful Boxed Set
The Faithful Heroes

Studio Miniatures
Zombie Mob 2

Bookshelves II

Warlord Games
British Infantry on bikes
Emperor Julius Caesar
Emperor Marcus Aurelius

Wargames Factory
Roman Auxiliary Cavalry
Celt Chariots
Celt Warband Box Set
INC208 Blitzhund

Warm Acre
NGZ Riot Police 1

West Wind Productions
INC207 Hans the Hunter

Wizards of the Coast
Star Wars Miniatures: Imperial Entanglements (40 plastic prepainted miniatures, download checklist (2.5 mb, PDF) for images)

Wyrd Miniatures
The Executioner – Witch Hunter
Elemental Gamin – Arcanist Construct

Crusader: Baenyr Bael Coombs
Crusader: Cavalry Officer Pawul Nahr

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