Rune Sources: Quester’s Guide to Duck

By on 23 February 2008

Previous to reading this guide I wasn’t a fan of Duck in Runequest. They always seemed too comedic for the gritty style I liked.

After reading this excellent sourcebook my opinion has changed. No longer are Duck relegated to the comedy sidekick or fall guy, they are now a fully realised race and a viable option as player characters. The excellent writing style really helps bring the Duck to life and is an invaluable aid for any GM or PC who wishes to portray Duck characters in a believable manner.

Although there is some mention of other rules found in different Sceaptune Games books it is certainly not neccessary to own them to gain full enjoyment of this product, indeed, if they are as good as this book though I may well have to get them too!
Excellent value for money!

Reviewed by Jez Grey

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