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By on 23 February 2008

Ok having run this a few times now im ready to bare all to the forums

When i discovered Mongoose were re-releasing Runequest i admit i was ecstatic, when it arrived however i wasnt best pleased that they chose to go down the D&D route of releasing everything in 10 million different volumes (guide to centaur slaying anyone!!!!). Anyway a new company on the scene Sceaptune Games, run by our very own halfbat stirred my interest with his singleton idea.

The thinking behind this book is that we have all been in a position where we have a lack of players for whatever reason, well this book is designed to be used by 1 x GM and 1 or 2 players. It is a non Glorantha generic setting, but the book itself is more than the scenario its also a sourcebook detailing various things about the ‘Lost Isles’ for example it introduces us to the ‘guardians and also covers diverse things from new rune magic to the why’s and where’s. The book is 63 pages printed on good stock and is bound to a high standard, the artwork is excellent and consistant throughout and actually gives you a feel for adventure in the lost isles. I’d rarther not go into the scenario itself incase anyone ends up playing it, and trust me you should.

Overall an excellent product that serves its purpose well and worth a tenner of anyone’s cash, im looking forward to part 2 and so are my players.

Overall Rating 9 out of 10

Reviewed by Mick Red

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