The Savage North

By on 24 April 2010

Now i love me some swords and Sorcery…… I like Conan, Trollbabe, Jaws of the Six Serpents and Barbarians of Lemuria i even played a cool S&S hack using Call of Cthulhu at Conception a few years ago run by Rob the weasle!!

With the awesome package deal available on Openquest and The Savage North at the moment it made sense to get both.. My system review is above, here are my thoughts on the sourcebook

Production – Nice what we have come to expect as standard from D101 Games nice clean and well laid out

Cover – Look above its awesome, back cover is nice also

Content – A guide to the savage north, details for us a gazeetteer style look into the setting and you know what its actually quite good.. Giving solid useful information about the towns, forests, glaciers of each of the realms also telling us about the people that live here and the gods they worship… all very cool and flavoursome
Next up we have the magic of the north this section details the various cults vying for control of the frozen wastes with factions such as the Knights of the North a deeply religeous crusader style cult and the sea dragon cult of the Island barbarians with details of all new spells. Also a new addition is blood magic a foul type of casting used by the lizardmen that once ruled the north….. Some of the new races are also detailed Serpentmen, Werewolves, Vampires and Wodes are some of the new offerings… awesome 🙂
What comes next and encompasses half the book are four well thought out scenarios of varying themes.. Also good

I like this alot and i will be offering a game or two of OpenQuest ‘The Savage North’ at Indiecon.
I heartily reccomend the Openquest system especially used in conjunction with this book..

Reviewed by Mick Red

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