Double Down

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Double Down is a playset for Fiasco.

Double Down

The Score

Atlantic City

The bright lights and ringing sounds of a thousand slot machines... naive out-of-towners from corn-belt states looking to soak up a little East Coast glamour... great racing stadiums filled with the sounds of dogs and horses... chips, dollar bills, and body parts passing from loser to winner... fabulous casinos and showgirls with hourglass figures... backstreet seedy betting shops with sharp-eyed hustlers looking to bleed you dry... horse trainers and jockeys racing their last race, bruised boxers throwing their last fight... dreams being washed into the gutter along with vomit, blood, and torn betting slips... smile, it's the Big City where your dreams can come true if you're willing to double down.

Set on on the Eastern seaboard of America, this playset features the big casinos and sports betting shops of Atlantic City, and the punters - some desperate, some foolish, some lucky - who are drawn there like moths to a flame.

Movie Night



  1. Croupier and hostess at the same casino
  2. Competing sports-franchise owners
  3. Ex-con and parole officer
  4. White-collar professionals
  5. We work dead-end jobs
  6. We're in federal law enforcement


  1. Siblings
  2. Adopted child and birth parent
  3. The black sheep and the golden child of the family
  4. Parent and child
  5. Cousins
  6. Unrelated but still family


  1. Grifter and mark
  2. Crooked accountants
  3. Pimp and hooker
  4. Made men for the Mafia
  5. Crooked gambler and dodgy bookie
  6. Dealer and smuggler


  1. Honeymooners
  2. Unrequited crush
  3. Passionate and doomed affair
  4. High school sweethearts
  5. Boozy fling
  6. A marriage of convenience


  1. College friends on Spring break
  2. Squaddies on Post Operational Tour Leave
  3. We met on Facebook
  4. Bound together by a shared secret
  5. Hunting buddies
  6. Best friends since forever


  1. We're full-time jockies
  2. Professional gamblers
  3. We're bookies
  4. We're involved in professional boxing
  5. Pro golfer and caddie
  6. We're co-workers at the bowling alley

... amidst the bright lights of Atlantic City


To Get Rich

  1. By emptying the vault of the biggest casino in town
  2. By turning this holdall full of uncut coke into hard cash
  3. By successfully delivering that freight container of East European girls to the usual buyer
  4. By conning rich tourists out of their life savings
  5. By reaping the profits of that "business" deal with the Mayor
  6. By beating the casinos at their own game

To Get Out

  1. Of this spiral of debt
  2. Of the crap that's gonna hit the fan when they find out about the missing $500,000
  3. Of the weekend from hell with the in-laws
  4. Of that meeting with the Guatemalans
  5. Of a promise that we should never have made
  6. Of this dead-end job

To Get It On

  1. To win that bet
  2. With that uncanny Michael Jordan look-alike
  3. To prove that I'm not past it
  4. To occupy someone who should really be elsewhere at that time
  5. To finally pop my cherry
  6. To get access to that part of the building

To Get Even

  1. With Big Government
  2. With a rival
  3. With the buddies who betrayed me and left me to die
  4. With those damned Guatemalans
  5. With my folks
  6. With all the bastards who screwed you down your whole damn miserable life

To Get Respect

  1. From my poor pa, by doing the right thing by him
  2. From my lover, by aceding to that heartfelt request
  3. For myself, by coming through for my buddy who has that foolproof plan
  4. From the folks in my community, by standing up to the corruption in this city
  5. From everyone by showing them just who's boss
  6. From that old timer on Blake Street

To Get Answers About

  1. The rampant corruption in City Hall
  2. The body buried in the foundations of the new casino
  3. Why the four o'clock race is "a sure thing"
  4. Why you woke up this morning with a tattoo of Babe Ruth on your backside
  5. Why your Greek-American accountant just got pulled in by the Feds
  6. The thing that happened on the eighteenth hole that nobody dares talk about

... amidst the bright lights of Atlantic City



  1. Lucky Strike Bowling Alley
  2. Chesapeake Greyhound Race Course
  3. Atlantic City Race Course
  4. Atlantic City Flat Track Roller Derby Association
  5. Atlantic City Auto Racing Circuit
  6. Blue Crane Golf & Country Club

The Strip

  1. Grazzi's Pawn Shop
  2. Long Legs Strip Joint
  3. Hole-In-One Miniature Golf
  4. New Road Baptist Church
  5. The Sizzlin' Steer Bar & Grill
  6. Viggo's Gym

On The Outskirts

  1. The Big Kahuna Fat Farm & Health Spa
  2. City Hall
  3. McMurty's Racing Stables
  4. Last Orders Truckstop
  5. Atlantic City Rail Terminal
  6. Heavenly House Brothel

The Boardwalk

  1. The Old Absecon Lighthouse
  2. Rickety "Wooden Piers" Funfair
  3. The Gentrified Marina
  4. Chad's Scuba Gear Rental & Diving Instruction
  5. Ripley's "Believe It or Not" Odditorium
  6. Mack's Chum Shop

The Klondike Casino

  1. The luxury penthouse
  2. The 24/7 sunken main gambling floor
  3. The high-rollers table in The Washington Room
  4. The state-of-the-art secured underground vault
  5. The Iron Spur, All-U-Can-Chow Restaurant
  6. The exhibition arena and theatre

The Project

  1. Drug corner of Ninth and Fowler
  2. Pitney Village Community Centre & Gym
  3. One-Four-Seven Pool & Snooker Hall
  4. Ganton's Bookmakers
  5. Chop shop on Blake Street
  6. Delapidated concrete basketball court

... amidst the bright lights of Atlantic City



  1. Bowling shoes
  2. Deck of playing cards
  3. Eight-ball
  4. Snakeskin suit
  5. Stale tortilla with Jesus' face visible in the folds
  6. Blow-up doll


  1. A forged casino passkey
  2. A doctored fire insurance claim
  3. An iPod with a juicy and grainy movie stored on it
  4. A foolproof system to correctly predict a race winner
  5. The cellphone of one of the Guatemalans
  6. Building schematics


  1. White stretch limousine
  2. A humvee
  3. Racing hotrod
  4. Golf cart
  5. Two hundred-foot luxury yacht
  6. Tricked-out lowrider


  1. Gold-plated handguns
  2. Pool cue
  3. Baseball bat
  4. Rape alarm
  5. Sniper rifle
  6. 4-wood golf club


  1. Pawn ticket
  2. Memorabilia from a living sporting legend
  3. A half-pint of synthetic animal growth serum
  4. Your father's last will and testament
  5. The severed ear of a loved one
  6. Hotel room keycard that ain't yours


  1. A leather holdall containing $30,000 in used $2 dollar bills
  2. A forgery of a famous work of art
  3. A cool half-million in bloodstained casino chips
  4. A Ferrari F430 with an unwelcome surprise in the boot
  5. A freight container loaded with 14 tons of finest quality salmon
  6. An aluminum case containing tubes of frozen sperm from a purebred racing stallion

... amidst the bright lights of Atlantic City