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Funny Old Game is a playset for Fiasco.

Double Down

The Score

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Movie Night


The Club

  1. Club chairman and the first team manager
  2. Hotly contested strike partnership
  3. Physio and the sicknote superstar
  4. Up-and-coming star and his mentor
  5. Club coach and his favourite player
  6. Eccentric foreign player and his downtrodden translator

The Family

  1. Doting father and the incompetent son
  2. Brothers fighting over the same position at the club
  3. A couple of bored WAG's
  4. Rugby loving brother and the football crazy sister
  5. Over protective parent's
  6. Brothers of different mothers

The Scandal

  1. Football star and a penniless prostitute
  2. Fan favourite and the club secretary
  3. A member of the club and a crooked bookie
  4. Desperate Ref and the head of the Russian mafia
  5. Drug abuser and a Dealer
  6. A WAG and her lover

The Fans

  1. Members of the 'Old Firm'
  2. A couple of die hard season ticker holders
  3. Pair of know it alls
  4. The newly converted and a fed up cynic
  5. An almost and a has been
  6. Corporate ticket holders

The Media

  1. A member of the press and a chatterbox
  2. Sports reporter and cameraman
  3. The match day pundits
  4. The match commentator and the stadium announcer
  5. Rival sports reporters
  6. Manager of the local newsagent and a paperboy

The Rivals

  1. A couple of foreign team scouts
  2. Misguided footballer and his agent
  3. Two rival captains
  4. Club superstar and a rival manager
  5. Two clueless yanks looking to buy a soccer team
  6. The WAG of a rival team and her lover

... With the World at their Feet


To Win

  1. The Title!
  2. The Cup!
  3. The supporters backing
  4. Against our rivals
  5. The final game of the season
  6. At all costs

To get Rich

  1. By gaining foreign investment
  2. Selling our 'big names'
  3. From television rights
  4. By some wheeler dealing in the transfer market
  5. By raising ticket prices and slashing player wages
  6. By backing our rivals at the bookies

To Secure

  1. A real talent in the transfer market
  2. A place in the top flight of English football
  3. A lucrative sponsorship deal
  4. A place in next years European Championship
  5. The clubs future
  6. A new 100,000 seated stadium

To Silence

  1. That tongue wagging reporter
  2. The rival fans
  3. Our critics
  4. The halftime band
  5. The Vuvuzelas
  6. The world with a spectacle of football never seen before

To Stop

  1. Our rivals winning the title
  2. The rot
  3. All our best players leaving
  4. Our rivals winning the cup
  5. That story from getting to press
  6. Selling Aunt Maggie's meat pies

To Move

  1. To another club
  2. To another ground
  3. To a higher league
  4. To one of the main Sports channels
  5. From football entirely
  6. Off the bottom of the table

... With the World at their Feet


On the Pitch

  1. Penalty Spot
  2. 6 Yard box
  3. On the sideline
  4. The Goal Mouth
  5. At the centre circle
  6. The Corner Flag

Off the Pitch

  1. Row 'Z'
  2. The Pie Shop
  3. Away End
  4. The subs bench
  5. Corperate Box
  6. Atop the floodlights


  1. The Refs changing room
  2. The Home/Away changing room
  3. The Chairman's office
  4. The press box
  5. The trophy room
  6. The Physio's office


  1. The local boozer
  2. A seedy night club

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<<Location Group>>

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