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Lego Heroica

Lego Heroica is a fast and elegant competitive dungeon crawling game. It's also more of a board game than a roleplaying game, but ya know, it has knights and wizards. That's the same thing, right?

This page will mostly contain house rules. Please feel free to add your own!

Changes to Existing Rules


Replacing the normal rule which just counts the number of defeated monsters. This will reward those who slay bigger monsters too.

At the end of each mission, add up the Strength of all the defeated monsters on your hero pack. If you have the most, then take 1 gold from the store.

Skill Points

These rules add skill points to allow players to effectively hoard Heroica dice and spend them when they're actually useful. It should increase the frequency with which players can use their hero and weapon skills. Replace the Moving heroes and Fighting monsters sections with the following.

Moving heroes

On your turn roll the die.

  • Heroica Shield: Move up to 4 spaces, OR Move 1 space and take 1 Skill point and add it to your hero pack or spend it immediately to use a Ranged skill.
  • Three: Move up to 3 spaces.
  • Two: Move up to 2 spaces OR spend a skill point to use a Ranged skill.
  • One: Move up to 1 space OR spend a skill point to use a Ranged skill.

  • You may not move diagonally.
  • If you end your move in a space occupied by another hero, move your hero forward to the first available space
  • Pick up any items in spaces you move into or through and put them on your hero pack.
  • If you move into a space adjacent to a monster, you MUST end your move in that space and fight.

Fighting Monsters

If you fight a monster, roll the die again to find out what happens.

  • Heroica Shield: defeat the monster outright OR defeat the monster and take 1 Skill point and add it to your hero pack or spend it immediately to use a Melee skill.
  • Sword: Defeat the monster OR spend a Skill point to use a Melee skill.
  • Skull: Lose health equal to the monster's Strength AND move back 1 space away from the monster.
  • Sword & Skull: Defeat the monster AND lose health equal to the monster's strength AND move back 1 space away from the monster. Instead of defeating the monster, you may instead spend a Skill point to use a melee skill.

  • You may not fight diagonally.
  • If you defeat a monster, take it off the board and put it on your hero pack.
  • If you are adjacent to two or more monsters at the same time, choose which one to fight first. If you win, immediately fight the second monster.


The thief is the only hero whose skill is equalled by their weapon's skill. A Barbarian with a dagger is simply better than Thief with an axe. This addresses that by giving the thief a little more.

Melee: Defeat the monster and take 2 gold from the store.

Chalice of Life

The chalice's ability is a bit rubbish, and not worth sacrificing a move for. This adds some movement back in while giving a modest heal

Ranged: You may move 3 spaces and restore 1 health.

Sceptre of Summoning

I wanted the Sceptre to be useful for cooperative teams as well as competitive ones. It can still be used to screw people over

Ranged: Take a defeated monster from a Hero Pack and place it on any empty space OR take any defeated hero and place them on any empty space within 4 spaces, with fully replenished health.

New Basic Rules

Potion Store

Potions may be bought from the store for 2 gold each, but only between missions. Potions available are Life (restore 2 life), Luck (reroll the die), Speed (move up to 4 extra spaces) and Strength (defeat an adjacent monster).

Tough Monsters

Any monster that is Strength 3 is a Tough Monster.

When you attack a Tough Monster roll the die twice.

  • If any die is a Heroica Shield, the monster is defeated outright.
  • If both dice show a Sword or Sword & Skull, the monster is defeated.
  • If any die is a Skull or Sword & Skull and the monster is not defeated, then you must move one space away from the monster.
  • If any die is a Skull or Sword & Skull then deduct the monster's Strength from your health.

A Potion of Strength or a Ranged skill will defeat the monster outright. A Melee skill is treated as a single Sword result, in addition to those above.

Weapon of Choice

If you have enough copies of the weapons available, put each hero's class weapon on their hero pack at the start of the game to avoid confusion. So the Barbarian already starts with an Axe, the Wizard already starts with a Wand, and so on.

United Heroica

The heroes must work together to triumph over evil!

There is no individual winner of a mission, instead the team must work together to win. This can be combined with Battle Heroica and plenty of monsters to make the game more challenging.

The player with the most monsters on their hero pack at the end of a mission still takes one gold from the store.

A single item from your hero pack may be given to an adjacent hero at the end of your move, if you didn't move adjacent to a monster this turn.

Traitor Heroica

Basically lifted straight from the Battlestar Galactica boardgame.

One of the heroes secretly works for the monsters!

These rules are for United Heroica games with three or more heroes. In Battle Heroica, the traitor is secretly working for the monster player. In standard Heroica, the traitor will become the monster player when revealed and may begin using the monsters, but they may still choose to use their own hero each turn instead of a monster.

At the start of the game, take as many tiles from Heroica dice as there are heroes, but make sure only one tile is a Sword & Skull. Put these in a bag and mix them up. Each player must then randomly draw a tile from the bag without letting anyone else see. Each player must then place their tile face down next to their hero pack.

  • If your tile is a Heroica Shield, Skull or Sword your hero is working to defeat the monsters!
  • If your tile is a Sword & Skull, your hero is a traitor working for the monsters!

The traitor wins if two other heroes are defeated, or the same hero is defeated twice. Otherwise, the heroes win if they complete the mission. Defeating the traitor never counts, because the monsters know not to really hurt him.

A hero can attack another hero, treating them as a monster. Instead of defeating them straight away, treat heroes as having Strength 2 on Ranged and Melee attacks. A skill or Heroica Shield result in Melee will remove all their health straight away.

At any time on their own turn, the traitor can choose to reveal it. Unless the traitor was attacked by another hero after their last turn, the traitor will also instantly restore their full health.

Aside from that, no one is allowed to reveal their tile to another player.

New Heroes


Also for priests or vampires and so on. I'm going to use one of the knights from Lava Dragon.

The Paladin is a member of an order of warriors dedicated to fighting evil in the world. He follows a strict code of conduct, but he knows that he must work together with other heroes if he is going to stop the monsters from harming anyone else. His mace is enchanted so that it will heal its wielder when used righteously.

Melee: Defeat the monster and restore 2 health.


Also used for a ninja or pirate. A hero who uses a sword in an agile way. I'm going to use one of the shopkeepers from Oriental Bazaar.

He may not be an exiled prince as he claims to be, but the Swashbuckler has certainly sailed from a distant land in search of adventure. Learning of the troubles in Ennon, this dashing hero has decided to use his acrobatic sword skills to defeat evil and gain treasure and glory.

Ranged: Move 1 space and defeat an adjacent monster and then move 1 space again.

New Weapons


Unsure how to model this.

Melee: Defeat the monster and restore 1 health.

New Relics

Curse of the Mummy

Unsure how to model this. Thinking a green stud on the microfigure's head. Or a talisman of some kind

Defeating the mummy has cursed you with foul magics! While the curse is on you, only fighting will keep you alive. Every time you roll a 1 to move, you lose 1 health. But every time you defeat a monster you recover 2 health. This curse can be removed by spending 2 gold.

The Steadfast Shield

Unsure how to model this, beyond old lego shields from the castle playsets

While holding the Steadfast Shield monsters cannot push you back. Instead, any monster that hurts you in a fight will be pushed back 1 space and your hero will remain in place. This relic can be sold between missions for 2 gold.

New Monsters

Dragon (Strength 3)

Available from Lava Dragon

Each time a hero ends a move within 3 squares of the Dragon, they must roll the die.

  • Heroica Shield, the hero may move 1 extra space.
  • Sword, nothing happens.
  • Sword & Skull, the hero must move 1 square away from the Dragon. The square where the hero was now has Dragon Flames on it!
  • Skull, lose 1 health and move 1 square away from the Dragon. The square where the hero was now has Dragon Flames on it!

In Battle Heroica only, if the Dragon rolls a Heroica Shield to move, you may instead place Dragon Flames on any single empty square within 3 squares of it.

Dragon Flames

If a hero tries to move on to or through a square with Dragon Flames on it, roll the die.

  • Heroica Shield, the hero's move can continue and they may ignore all Dragon Flames this turn. The Flames remain. If the hero ended their move on a Flame, then move them to the next space forward.
  • Sword, the Dragon Flames are removed, but the hero's move ends.
  • Sword & Skull, the Dragon Flames are removed, but the hero loses 1 health and their move ends.
  • Skull, the hero loses 1 health and move them back 1 square. Their move ends.

New Adventures

Mount Ternak


  • Rooms from Lava Dragon game, Heroica Fortaan and Heroica Draida. Volcano on the coast. Arrive by boat. Circle around the mountain and climb it until the Dragon's lair at the top in the volcano mouth. Alternate route is a secret passage to the side of the lair.
  • The Dragon. Golems? Skeletons? Dunno.
  • Dragon flames (obstacle created by the Dragon when you get close).
  • Rocks. Roll die to get through (Heroica), be blocked (Skull) or discard them (Sword).

The Tomb of Gharesh


  • Rooms from Ramses' Return game, Heroica Draida and Heroica Nathuz. Labyrinth of rooms.
  • The Mummy. Skeletons. Maybe ghosts?
  • Whoever defeats the Mummy gets the Curse of the Mummy. Then the Mummy respawns in its lair and continues hunting the heroes, always moving 2 squares per turn towards the nearest alive hero.
  • Must gather 3 treasure from various rooms and place them all in their place in the Mummy's lair. Only one treasure can be carried at a time.
  • Torches. Move one extra space. Discard if lose health.
  • Traps. Triggered when stepped on. Roll die, hurt on Skull. Discard after use.

Battle Heroica Only Rules

Minotaur (Strength 3)

May move 1 extra space per turn. It may continue its move even if it moves adjacent to or into a Hero. Any heroes in the way are moved back away from the Minotaur until it has stopped moving. If the heroes become trapped and unable to move any further then the Minotaur will stop as well.

Mummy (Strength 2)

You cannot choose to move this monster. However, each turn it always moves 2 squares towards the nearest hero that is not currently defeated and recovering health.

Golem Lord (Strength 3)

If you roll a Heroica Shield to move the Golem Lord, you may instead use the Sceptor of Summoning and take a monster from a Hero Pack and place it on any empty square within 4 spaces of it.

Dark Druid (Strength 3)

If you roll a Heroica Shield to move the Dark Druid, you may instead use the Chalice of Life to remove 1 health from every hero within 3 spaces of him.

Goblin King (Strength 3)

The Goblin King begins with the Helmet of Protection. The first time he is defeated, only the Helmet is removed. If there is still a hero adjacent, then another attack happens immediately.